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captaingbooth (captaingbooth)
Rear Admiral
lukebrierly11 (Export7)
Rear Admiral
mazie (ethator)
Fleet Admiral
Ravriem (Jascen)
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Carpe Diem!
(Seize the Day)

Welcome to the Fleet Website for Carpe Diem, a Federation Fleet on Star Trek Online.  Star Fleet officers are known for their willingness to brave the unknown, and so it is fitting that our motto should be the famous phrase Carpe Diem.  Seize the chance to make a difference!  

We've now added the fleet charter with a few rules that everyone should read.  Also, the rank structure has been listed and explained.  Look to this website in the future for more information on the fleet and upcoming activites.
Guild News    

This weeks recruiting contest winner.

mazie, Aug 20, 12 3:58 PM.
This weeks recruiting contest winner is Garybooth. Good work everyone!

Voice server.

mazie, Aug 15, 12 8:02 PM.
We now have a voice server! I decided on Mumble as from my research its a better voice client. I am open to Vent or TS if have problems with mumble.

Mumble can be downloaded at

Mumble Server info: 
Port: 4016

Once inside please register yourself by clicking on "Self" at the top and Register in the menu.

Fleet Week Event

mazie, Aug 15, 12 3:12 PM.
Fleet Week is arriving in Star Trek Online! Starting tomorrow, Thursday, August 16th, around 10am PDT until Thursday, August 23rd, around 10am PDT, players can earn bonus Fleet Marks 24 hours a day!

Along with the normal queued and mission-based content that provides Fleet Marks, players can earn Fleet Marks by running a special daily Foundry mission. Starfleet players ranked Lieutenant 9 and above can contact Commander Selyn, and Klingon players ranked Commander 22 and above can contact Commander Vorbog, by clicking the ‘Available’ tab in the Mission Journal (default key “J”) to accept "Investigate Officer Reports (Daily)". 

Fleet EC bank...

mazie, Aug 13, 12 6:50 PM.
So I got a GM response regarding the fleet EC bank... Basically they said its a known bug and they are working to correct the issue... no mention about the 5mil EC I lost =(...

So until further notice the Fleet EC bank will EAT any credits past 10 Million EC... I will try and maintain at least 5 million in the bank at all times for fleet use. Rest assured the fleet has more funds than what you see in the bank.

Update: So I after they sent me that message I responded asking about my EC.... I got a reply within 2 hrs stating they "cannot replace the lost 5M EC as it does not qualify for reimbursement."   Really...?!?!?

New recruiting incentive...

mazie, Aug 12, 12 11:11 PM.
As an incentive for all fleet members, for every new member you recruit you will receive 1 entry into a weekly drawing of 1,000,000 EC. 


1.) To be counted new recruits need to remain in the fleet and login at least once from the time of recruitment to the time the prizes are awarded

2.) you MUST send me an in-game e-mail with a subject of "New Recruit" and the Name@handle of your recruit in the body to Mazie@ethator... (please do this as soon as they join the fleet)

3.) 1 recruit = 1 entry and there is no maximum number of entries. the more you recruit the better your chances of winning.

4.) You only get credit for the 1st @handle recruit... So a new recruit with 2 alts(3 total invites) only counts as 1 for this invective..
5.) New members may participate in the drawing even if they've joined the fleet as a result of this incentive.

6.) Please do not SPAM... limit your recruiting message to no less than 5mins apart in a single zone. So posting in ESD then zoning out to sector space and posting within the 5 mins is ok.

7.) This invective runs Monday-Sunday and prizes will be awarded for the week on Mondays.
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Port: 4016

Mumble can be downloaded at

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